The Episcopal Church Women (ECW) empowers women to do Christ’s ministry in the world. Our vision for all women of the Episcopal Church is that we become a vibrant blend of all ages, ethnic origins, and socioeconomic backgrounds that comes together as a peacemaking, healing part of the church. We aspire to be a God spark, shining and sharing the love of Christ.

The Women of the Church at Manakin raises money to support needs inside our church and in our committee, from purchasing items needed to improve the interior of Denny Hall and helping Manakin members facing a family emergency to providing tuition assistance to Camp Chanco and supporting Stop Hunger Now.

In addition, the Women of the Church promote friendship through trips to sites such as the National Cathedral, by holding teas to welcome new members, by coming together for bake sales and cookie swaps and much more.

All women at Manakin are part of the Women of the Church, whether they come to meetings or pay dues. We are affiliated with the ECW of the Diocese of Southern Virginia. The ECW has an Executive Board that meets twice each year, plus ECW holds two meetings each year for the general membership. We are part of Convocation 7 and contribute $3 per member to the diocesan ECW.

Our Prayer
Almighty God, we pray that you will bless our work in mission and ministry in the world. Help us to pray fervently, labor diligently and give liberally to make known the power of your love given through your son Jesus Christ. Let us not forget the lessons from the past nor fear the challenges of the future. Anoint us with your grace and shine in our hearts as we reflect your light throughout the world. Amen.

If you have any questions or an interest in learning more about the Women of the Church and their upcoming activities, please call the church office.