The task of “Pastoral Care” belongs to each of us. We want to take care of each other. Our goal is to engage as many of you (at Manakin) as possible as we pursue this endeavor. Pastoral needs include prayers, visitation, transportation, meal preparation, phone calls, cards and more. Help is needed in all of these areas.

Our “Prayer Vine” ministry is a vital part of caring for our fellow parishioners. We are an online network of people who receive an alert when prayers are wanted. Sickness, loss, trials and blessing can be included in requests. Items can be as detailed or as sparse as you wish. You can be a member of our prayer vine and/or make requests.

We have an online list of “Gracious Gourmets,” people who provide meals when needed.

We also have “Prayer Pagers” available upon request for anyone who has a need for frequent support and encouragement.

The Pastoral Care Committee is you! If you hear about a need that we are not aware of or have a need yourself, please let us know. Thank you for your continued willingness to help take care of each other!

If you have questions about the Prayer Vine, Gracious Gourmets, Prayer Pagers, or any other piece of what we are doing, please call the church office at (804) 794-6401.