March 2016

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Rector Search Focus Groups and Christian Formation Study group opportunities are upon us

A Message from Roy McLeod, Senior Warden

Dear Fellow Parishioners,

By the time you receive this, we will have celebrated the major events of Psalm Sunday, Holy Week and the Resurrection of our Lord and be well into the Season of Easter.

In the March Messenger, we reported that the Search Committee was meeting weekly and working to develop our Parish Profile. In addition to seeking input from our operating committee heads, the Search Committee has scheduled a series of small focus group meetings to seek input from our individual members in constructing that profile.

A number of you have asked about the purpose and importance of these meetings. It is your opportunity, as an individual, to influence the selection of our next Rector and the direction of Manakin Parish in the next three to four years. You can assess our ministries, our strengths and our resources. You can define what we are known for and how we plan to grow in a period of cultural and demographic changes. You can influence how we sustain our presence in our community. I encourage all to participate in the sessions.

We have made progress in other areas—Elizabeth Vaughan will head, and with the help of Drew Wilson and our Christian Formation Committee, lead our Christian formation study group which was announced last month. We continue to evaluate and engage candidates for our interim priest position. The Communications Committee, headed by Michael Walker, continues to expand our communication channels through our website, Facebook and the Manakin Messenger update emails. These have become a key part of our efforts to increase the flow of information you receive in addition to the weekly service bulletin announcements and the publication of the monthly Manakin Messenger.

Finally, a heartfelt thank you to all who contributed to making our Lenten observances and our Easter Celebration so meaningful as we continue, together, our journey of faith.

Lord look favorably upon your people,

Roy McLeod

Senior Warden

Note: As Manakin moves through this transition period, members of our congregation will be contributing to the Rector’s Message section of our web site.