August 2014

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Looking Ahead

Rector’s Message
July/August 2014

Looking Ahead

Dear Friends,
After a very busy and productive spring, you can see that we still have lots of active ties going on in the months ahead! In addition to those featured above, the Adult Enrichment Committee is busy planning fall programs, including the 2nd Founders’ Day Festival on Saturday, December 6th. They are also working with the Worship Committee to explore ideas for enhancing our spiritual life in worship and other ways. Christian Formation is preparing for the fall Sunday School and Youth activities (and will be recruiting more Sunday School teachers.) The Middle High Class in Sunday School will spend a fair bit of time this year preparing for Confirmation when the Bishop comes to visit us on May 31st, 2015. (Adult classes will be announced in the spring.) The Pastoral Care Committee, along with all of its usual pastoral responses to needs in the Parish, is also exploring the possibility of a new, more in-depth program for the coming year (details to follow.) The Membership Committee, after a wonderful reception for recent members hosted by Chandler and Robby Williams (thanks for the great hospitality!), are looking at ways to ad- dress marginalized members of the Household and perhaps re-engage them in our life together.

Our Choirs are having a well-deserved rest for a while, though many of them help us out with our singing each Sunday in the summer, either in an informal choir or from the pews, where they get to worship with their families and friends for a change! Some ministries, of course, never get a break – Altar Guild, Chalicists and Lay Readers, Ushers, Lay Visitors to Southerland Place and Spring Arbor, Building and Grounds members, the Vestry and Finance Committee, Coffee Hour hosts, Altar Flower Donors and the like – and have year-round responsibilities that keep them all engaged in ministry all the time.

And, in addition to the many feeding and caring ministries that also run full-tilt year-round, the Outreach Committee is toiling away on preparations for the Reach for the Stars Gala and Auction on Saturday, September 27, with even an additional eye on the next Stop Hunger Now Packing Event on Saturday, January 17th!

In addition to all of that, all Committees and ministries are continuing to explore ways to respond to our top priorities from the survey and subsequent meetings through the spring:

• Make necessary changes to attract families with children and youth to our church.
• Develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to reach new people and incorporate them into the life of the church.
• Provide more opportunities for Christian education and spiritual formation at every age and stage of life.

If you think of other ways for us to respond to these priorities, or if you would like to help in any of the ministries mentioned here, please let someone know. Contact the chair or liaison for the ministry that interests you, or call Wendy or me and we will point you in the right direction. Even though we want everyone to have a chance to get some “R&R” in these summer months, all of us need to be contributing our time and talents as well! We all need a vacation at some point, but it is worth remembering that God never takes a vacation from us! As you travel this summer, or just take an occasional Sunday “off,” remember to stay connected, get involved and stay a part of the life of this exciting, active, Spirit-filled wonder that is Manakin Episcopal Church.

Have a joyful and blessed summer!

Yours in Christ’s Love,