Manakin’s parishioners are joyously active in a number of vibrant committees, including:

Buildings and Grounds 
The Buildings and Grounds Committee cares for and maintains the buildings and grounds of Manakin Church, oversees the work of the Sexton, and works with the other committees to maintain the church’s utility and beauty.

Christian Formation 
The Christian Education Committee oversees the Sunday School for young people from pre-school through high school, offering classes based on Biblical teaching to provide a strong foundation in Episcopal traditions and liturgy. We strive to help develeop a strong sense of spirituality that can be incorporated into the daily lives of our young people. Participation in worship services, Youth Sunday, youth choirs, Christmas pageants, the acolyte program, outreach and youth groups offer multiple experiences for children to find meaning in their faith. Visit the Youth Ministries section of this web site for information on the many activities Manakin offers to its young people.

The Communications Committee ensures that information about church events are shared with parishioners and the community.

The Finance Committee advises the Vestry by formulating fiscal policy for Vestry consideration and assists the treasurer as needed. When approved, the committee then assists in the administration of the policies to ensure the long-term strength and viability of the church.

The Membership Committee fosters the growth and retention of church membership. Programs include a Sunday Greeter program to identify visitors and provide pertinent information about the church as well as follow-up by the Rector and other members. The committee’s goal is to assist new members in their assimilation into church activities.

Men of the Church 
The Men of the Church is a group that supports Manakin through fundraising projects and assists with parish picnics and maintenance activities. Click here to learn more about this active group.

The Outreach Committee identifies needs in the community, the diocese and beyond, and then organizes projects to provide services, funds and assistance to a wide variety of organizations, agencies, families and individuals. Learn more about Manakin’s expansive Outreach Program by exploring the Outreach section of this web site.

Pastoral Care 
The Pastoral Care Committee provides assistance, from prayers, phone calls and cards to food, visits and more, to members of the parish who are dealing with difficult situations and change. Click here to learn more about Pastoral Care at Manakin.

Parish Life 
The Parish Life Committee is a large, active committee that encourages and stimulates fellowship among the communicants to develop a strong sense of community and connection to Manakin as their church family. Activities include Sunday coffee, monthly adult dinners, Lenten suppers and seasonal events. Parish Life coordinates the annual parish picnic, the November “All Saints Celebration” to recognize parishioners’ birthdays, and a Christmas party.

Stewardship at Manakin involves more than financial campaigns. Click here to learn more about this vital work.

Women of the Church 
The Women of the Church is a group that provides fellowship with social activities for the women of Manakin and support for the church through fundraising projects. Click here to learn more.

The Worship Committee assists the Rector in functional areas pertaining to worship services, including ushers, acolytes, music, lay readers and special programs. This committee makes recommendations on changes to services and times based on surveys and other input from the communicants.