By Holly Walker

Join us for an evening of musical beauty with LYRA, a vocal ensemble from St. Petersburg, Russia. LYRA treats listeners to a rich, musical journey that highlights the vast, musical heritage of the Russian Orthodox Church, including ancient songs and the works of famous masters from the 18th – 20th centuries. The performance also showcases the traditions of Russian folk music, featuring songs inspired by love, laughter and dance.

LYRA is an acappella group, made up of singers who perform in professional choirs and opera houses in St. Petersburg. The ensemble travels the world, sharing their talents with music lovers, history buffs, and those interested in Russia’s culture.

LYRA’s performance at Manakin will take place Thursday, October 5 at 7:30 p.m. All are welcome to be part of this amazing, musical experience, and there’s no charge to attend.

For more information about LYRA’s performance, contact the church office at or 804-794-6401.